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Sunfluid engineering is the Malaysian leading sheet metal working machineries manufacturer. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, there expertise lies not only in the manufacturing, but also in the designing. They work closely with partners in the industry to offer integrated solutions when custom built machines are required.

Festo, a world renowned pneumatic supplier, Vickers, Tokimec and Bosch Rexroth work hand in hand with them on there projects.

There core products for which they have a great reputation are the hydraulic guillotines, hydraulic press brakes, hydraulic/mechanical bending rolls and hydraulic presses.

Sunfluid engineering ensures that all there products are of high quality and standards. The machines are built with rugged all-welded mild steel construction for maximum strength and minimum deflection. Therefore they are able to attract Asean countries who favour there products. There international clients come from the Middle East, far East and Japan.

Besides the high quality of there machinery and the fact that there products have a 12 months warranty, there clients are also impressed with the excellent after-sales service that is available. Furthermore there in-house trained service teams are available nationwide.

The components used in there machinery are easily available in the market. Therefore the convenience of minimum downtime in cases of repairing or replacing parts. Giving the customers peace of mind in using there machines.
Sunfluid - Akyapak  Sunfluid - Akyapak                                                                           

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