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Since 1962, Akyapak machinery has been producing 3 or 4 rolls hydraulic/mechanic plate bending machines, hydraulic/mechanical profile bending machines, pipe/tube bending machines with mandrel and hydraulic/mechanic bordering machines. Now Akyapak has a new built factory with 10 000 sqm closed area in order to improve its well known quality. Akyapak invests in technology for future with 150 well experienced, specialist staff and produce about 2000 machines yearly.

                                      Akyapak - Producing 3 or 4 rolls hydraulic/mechanic plate bending machines

As a result of having good quality and advanced technology in the production process, Akyapak exports 80% of total production to 49 countries and 5 continents. The other 20% is for Akyapaks domestic market share.

With the right knowledge, experienced staff, fast service departments, well organised sales and talented engineers, Akyapaks target is not only selling machines.

                                      Akyapak - Exports 80% of total production to 49 Countries and 5 Continents


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